How to Improve Personal Relationships with Better Goal Achievement in the Workplace

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An average full-time employee spends more time with their co-workers than they do with their families and friends. Certainly, all this time we are deeply engaged in our own business so that we can hardly go have fun during the coffee break. Nevertheless, our communication at work (or its absence) strongly influences our emotional well-being and productivity. Lack of communication with co-workers creates a hostile working environment that never helps to perform tasks and set high goals for tomorrow.
We need a friendly office environment to be comfortable and cooperate freely with each other. Being on good speaking terms, we feel free to ask for advice or suggest our own ideas to the others. Breaking the ice in interpersonal communication is as essential as sticking to the corporate rules or moral code.
To enjoy all benefits of having a family-like community at work, we need to stay open to others first. There is no chance coworkers will approach a reserved person who looks hostile. It would be enough to show your interest in corporate issues and readiness to interact. Next, friendly coworkers always share some interests. Going out for a drink or having fun after hours with your teammates is an effective way to become closer emotionally, thus, to build trust.
Team building activities are a key to staying aligned and interested in each other. But we need to socialize in a simple everyday routine. Small talk beside the coffee machine or a shared daily commute keep relations with our second family warm and thriving.


Employee Performance: Impact of Company Goals Aligning with Personal Values

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An effective employee is a valuable asset for every manager. We define productivity as a number of tasks performed with a high quality over a working day. Hiring new employees, managers expect them to bring positive change to the company or secure its current high positions. Personal performance is more than the knowledge or self-discipline. It usually requires attainable managerial standards, smart goals, and regular evaluation of performed tasks.
Expecting high performance, managers shall grant their employees a few tools they need to succeed. Keep your expectations straight, and no misunderstanding will sneak into your chat with employees. Provide non-monetary incentives such as a greater participation in corporate projects or flexible working schedule. Set SMART goals that are always specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely for the employee to succeed in their achievement. Managers shall also bear in mind that intrinsic values of employees make a problem when they do not align with the corporate goals.
To stay happy and productive in the workplace, employees have to determine their personal place in the company. It means not only position or responsibilities but corporate standards that coincide with one’s personal values. Our job will not inspire us unless we find what is so special about it that makes us strive to perfection. And we certainly will not try hard if we find corporate goals vane, unrealistic, or offensive.
Aligning with corporate goals is a key to success. But there is nothing a manager can do if their employees have very different values and expectations than those of a company. It is time for an employee to think over their goals and decide whether the company is a perfect place for them to stay.


Management Strategy and Social Networks

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Senior-level managers typically perform strategic management in their company. By strategic management we mean distribution and utilization of organization’s resources essential to achieve main goals of the business. The key purpose of strategic management is to keep a company competitive. The entire process is more complicated than setting objectives and executing projects. It makes people analyze their clients, competitors, and market trends that can change every other day. An effective strategy identifies how well the business is doing as compared to competitors and detects inner and outer threats to daily operation.
Business scholars differentiate between developing strategies and their implementation. At this point, companies run into a barrier before implementing their strategies or find it difficult to determine whether the objectives have been met eventually. That is why executives search for more effective ways to plan and monitor their promotion.
As more businesses go digital, a strong presence on social media helps them to achieve the same goals. Social media are a perfect place for marketing, and they generate a considerable return on investment in effective social media campaigns. It is easier to plan and monitor business activities online.
Social media strategic plan helps to manage social media profiles. It translates business objectives into simple social media sections that share content or engage users to interact with business. Eventually, a holistic strategy is broken into smaller objectives, each of them corresponding to a certain type of content. Strategic management is bigger than social media marketing. It implies that businesses monitor the ever-changing digital environment and constantly optimize their communication tactics.


Perceptions Held by Male Employees toward Female Employees: How the Workplace Adopts Stereotypical Male Leadership Roles

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Despite all the waves of feminism that happened by this time, women still lag behind in the leadership. A woman in the workplace can hardly surprise anyone these days, but there is always a room for stereotyping. Victimization of women in the corporate hierarchy is the new trend based on the available statistics. Currently, about 5% of CEOs in top-rank American companies are women, and in 2016 they made up 20% of board seats on the Fortune 500 list. If women are visibly underrepresented in the top leadership, we suggest they are ignored or even harassed by their bosses. It is a new stereotypical perception of working women, and like any stereotype, it can be debunked.
In their recent studies, American Psychological Association researchers proved that men are not always more positively perceived in leadership positions than women. When it comes to self-rating, male leaders evaluate themselves higher than female leaders. When estimated by other people, women score much higher on leadership efficiency than men. Apparently, stereotypical leadership roles are not as simple as they used to be. The value of perceptions lies in public support of leaders. Those who are considered to be better leaders are indeed more effective in their management.
The bottom line is effective leadership depends on plenty of social and personal factors that are non-related to gender. Personality portrait, education, social class, and more features determine whether the person can be a leader or not. If women have been deprived of education or socialization in the past, they can be poor leaders today as compared to the men who have every education they needed. For the rest, leadership is unrelated to gender, and its roles are no more than stereotypes.


LGBT Issues and the Queer Approach

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Though sexuality is hardly a political issue, it became the main topic of identity politics that appeared after World War II. The first gay and lesbian organizations appeared in 1950-60s in the US. Back then, psychological, medical, and legal studies viewed homosexuality as a kind of pathology. Politics treated homosexual individuals, like communists, as a threat to the state. In their turn, homosexual people tried to assimilate with the heterosexual majority through complying with social norms, arranging peaceful demonstrations, and persuading experts in their normality.
The 1970s saw a new era in lesbian and gay representation. It was the time for gay revolution when activists celebrated their difference and rejected the concept of normality. Gay revolution stood in line with the sexual revolution, the second wave of feminism, the liberation of black workers, and pacifist movement. Yet in the same decade, revolutionary gay movement turned into a structured political type. Spontaneous disorganized groups were succeeded with structured nongovernmental organizations like National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Queer politics began after radical HIV and AIDS movements emerged in the 1980s.
For the last 50 years, LGBT movement faced challenges in education, representation, legal protection, and healthcare. Talking about education, we do not suppose that homosexual individuals lacked any essential knowledge. However, the lack of gender-comprehensive education for the general public combined with misconceptions and stereotypes raised homophobia. LGBT people lacked a proper presentation to the society to understand them. Legally, many states encouraged sodomy laws for a long time. Gay marriages were illegal until Massachusetts became the first state to legalize them in 2004. American LGBT politics made a huge step forward when gay marriages were legalized in all 50 states in 2015.


Thesis statement on Dalai Lama

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Case study collective bargaining at West University business essay

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The word epiphany literally means a moment when an individual in given circumstances arrives at a particular realization of reality or of his or her true self. It is a moment of discovery of truth and enlightening in a particular individual’s life. Very few individuals in life ever arrive at this particular moment. It is often a life changing realization.
Joyce uses this word to describe the sad realization of the narrator’s infatuation. The narrator had been secretly in love with Mangan’s sister. Mangan was the narrator’s friend, of whom they used to play in the streets till darkness. The narrator secretly admires Mangan’s sister, but lacks the courage to approach her. He watches her every morning from their front parlor “…Every morning I lay on the floor in the front parlor watching her door” (Joyce, 2006). A moment presents itself when the narrator gets to hold a brief conversation with Mangan’s sister. The narrator is dumbfounded. He fails to respond correctly to the lady’s question if he would be going to the Araby. The narrator though manages to reiterate that he would bring her a present from the Dublin bazaar. The moment of epiphany final comes to the narrator when he arrives at the Dublin bazaar late, just when it was closing down and realizes that he would fail in his promise. The narrator experiences a sad realization that the admiration and the love he has nurtured for Mangan’s sister will all be in vain. The narrator’s experience with the English lady and her customers at the bazaar also blurs his visualization of the bazaar. He had hope that the bazaar exhibited the Arabian free spiritedness only to find it was a dull English affair.
The narrator final realizes that reality is more brutal than the visualizations and infatuations he had formed in his mind. He realizes that the real world with real people care less of his emotions or infatuations. He also realizes that he did not actually need a present or for that matter a material element to express his feelings to the lady he loved.
The most appropriate moral of this story would be that “the human heart and the world are often incompatible” The narrator had a visualization of love for Mangan’s sister that was inconsistent with the reality.

To the narrator, the events in his mind made sense to him than the actual events that took place. He seems to think that by just harboring thoughts of love towards Mangan’s sister that the lady would reciprocate. He fails to understand that thoughts and enclosed feelings only encompass his own personal world. The narrator observes that everything else seemed unimportant and only his unexpressed feelings mattered in the world (Joyce, 2006). This is the reason he seems confused and absent minded and even fails to express his undying love when an opportune moment presents itself.
It becomes clear that the human heart and the real world are incompatible when the narrator fails to express his sincere feelings and offers to bring Mangan’s sister a present from the bazaar, with the false hope that the present would at least help him show his love for the lady. He however, because of his uncle lateness and the slow train is unable to arrive at the bazaar on time and is further disappointed by his experience at the bazaar which was contrary to his heart’s infatuations and the failure to secure a present which was his only hope of experiencing his love. It is indeed a sad realization.

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Essay about living up to parents expectations

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Parents have expectations they want their children to live up to. This is because parents have figures they admire and they would like to mold their children to be like these figures. Parents have particular ways in which they want their children to behave, the type of friends they would want their children to interact with, the reading culture they would want their children to adopt; and even linguistic behavior they prefer their children to have; for instance, some parents do not want their children to use swear. These are examples of expectations that parents want their children to live up to. However, these expectations differ from parent to parent just like human values vary from person to person. Since educators want to know the role or contribution of the parents in the lives of the learners, learners are tested on essays that seek to find out the values that parents uphold in them. Such tests include essay about living up to my parents’ expectations. In such an essay, the student is expected to narrate what the parents expect him. In so doing, the writer will express the likes and dislikes of the parents.

Many parents would want their children to take their studies serious, achieve good grades and excel in life even beyond their excellence. It is the dream of a parent that the child will achieve that which he or she intended to achieve but never achieved. Children should therefore achieve higher than their parents for them to be satisfied that in deed their children have worked hard in life. To make these achievements, parents would like to see their children interacting with friends who can assist them to achieve their dreams. Their friends must be people who are serious with their academic work. In such an essay therefore talk about the friends, attitude, achievements, behavior, dressing code etc that your parent would like to see in you.

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Free essays on professional networking for security officers

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Networking amongst security officers is very important. Different security officers have different methods of providing security. A given security firm may be equipped with advanced equipment of increasing security compared to another security firm that may not have any security equipment. By networking, these security firms can assist each other for example by offering material support as well as sharing knowledge on the effective methods of maintaining security. Examples of security firms that have well functioning security equipment include the Pinnacle Security Services and Ark Security Centre. For the last five years, these two firms have shown a lot of concern in matters that relate to security. Most of the regions that previously experienced a lot of insecurity have been able to realize peace. This is due to the existence of security firms in such areas. The management of these firms uses a number of methods to realize security. Firstly, the management ensures that its entire security staff is well trained before offering them a chance to join these firms. The management employs only people who prove to be very competent in their work.

The management also looks at the qualification of the potential employees wishing to join the company. Another method of coming up with an effective and well functioning security firm involves the ability of the firm to use correct security equipments. It is not possible to maintain high levels of security using inappropriate tools. The security firm should be equipped with the latest tools for maintaining security. Most of the free essays on professional networking for security officers contain examples of such tools and equipments.

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